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product update
December 04, 2019

Multiple Teams - One Gmelius Subscription.

Gmelius' newest feature Teams*, allows you to organize your account into separate team workspaces - without complicating your billing and subscription.

Organize your Gmelius account into Teams, each with their own Team Admins and specific workspaces.

What can Team Admins do?

• Add/remove users to their Teams.

• Create Sub-Teams within their Teams.

• Assign roles within their Teams and Sub-Teams.

Team Members will collaborate directly with their Team, and not with the whole list of users in their Gmelius subscription.

Company workflows are now even more streamlined with Gmelius! Create your Teams by department or project for effective collaboration.

• Manage shared inboxes

• Create shareable Gmail labels

• Communicate behind the scenes with email notes

• Exchange best performing sequences and templates

• ... All within your specific Team workspace.

*Available under the Gmelius Enterprise Plan.

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