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product update
November 05, 2019

Weekly news: Slack channels, Templates, Roles & permissions

🔝 Our Gmail-Slack integration now displays up to 900 channels! Your team can organize Gmail shared labels by client or project name and fully-sync them, in real-time, to their corresponding Slack channels.

🏷️ Did someone share a template with you? You can now automatically label it using advanced template settings. You don't have to be the owner of a template to apply "Label as".

👋 If you remove somebody from your subscription, conversation syncing will stop. Don't you worry! Neither new conversations nor continued threads will continue syncing.

🤝 Roles and permissions! Are you the admin of your Gmelius subscription? You can now change your colleague's status to a Manager and delegate responsibilities, from "Billing" to "User Management".

More improvements and exciting updates to come...

Stay tuned!

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